Your Life in a Song – EP REVIEW: Journey Home – ‘Nights Like These’ – 25 Sep ’17

The ‘Nights Like These’ EP (out Friday 29th September) is the first full introduction to Journey Home as we know them now, featuring ‘Ain’t Quite A Truck’ which has already become a fan favourite over the summer. Now a four-piece with the addition of bass player James Archer, it’s a sign of huge development for the guys and most certainly a step in the right direction. Their new music will take their loyal fans by surprise, aiming for the signature Nashville tailgate party vibe with a slightly heavier, rocky edge to their sound that we haven’t experienced to date.

The title track ‘Nights Like These’ kicks things off; a straight-up, southern-tinged anthem with the electric guitar seizing prominence right from the off. I love the line “Johnny’s all the cash I’ll ever need”! It’s a care free, let-your-hair-down track that’s unapologetically cliché – “windows down”…check. “Cold one”…check. “Get our buzz on”…check. It won’t be everybody’s bag and not one for the bro-country bashers but it’s current, attention-grabbing and a powerful introduction to the new direction the guys are taking....

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Your Life in a Song – SINGLE REVIEW: Journey Home – ‘Ain’t Quite A Truck’ – 8 May ’17

Many of you will be familiar with Acoustic Journey; real fan favourites amongst the UK country die-hards. With 2 EPs under their belt as an acoustic 3-piece, the end of 2016 saw an overhaul of their branding, including the switch to ‘Journey Home’ and the addition of a bass player, James Archer. On March 24th, the guys released their much-anticipated first single as Journey Home, ‘Ain’t Quite A Truck’, giving fans a taster of what to expect from their future releases with a new, more full sound.

You could be forgiven for assuming it’s ‘just another one of those truck songs’ from looking at the title. Don’t be fooled. It’s a reflective look back at the innocent memories of years gone by – “It ain’t quite a truck, but it’s filled with memories. I don’t need a 4×4 just to get me close to where I wanna be. Down any old back road, no matter if we get stuck. It ain’t quite a truck”. It’s fun, incredibly catchy and an instant favourite right from the first listen...

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Think Country – Dirty South Sessions Review – 22 Nov ’16

...Next up was Acoustic Journey, the subject of my 2nd curiosity. Again, I have got to know these guys quite well & have seen them perform several times, but they are expanding their sound and they now have a 4th member, a bassist – James Archer. As a result the name Acoustic Journey is going to disappear and the name Journey Home will replace it. This was to be my 1st time seeing the guys with James, hence my curiosity, this was further heightened when I was let into a secret & Lewis Rogers told me a couple of weeks beforehand that he was going to be playing keys with them on this night too. Talking to Ben (Guerney) before the evening started, he said they had sent the music across to Lewis via email & Lewis had practised it, they hadn’t actually played together! The trust these guys have is amazing. Admittedly, they all know each other really well & Lewis was playing keys at the after party on the Saturday as FSA Fest with Ash Cooper Band, but they had full trust in Lewis that he would be in tune & in time...

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Think Country – Interview with Acoustic Journey – 16 Oct ’16

Acoustic Journey, all 29 and based around Oxford, met between school and college. They began as Andrew and Ben, on the open mic scene in their home town; picking their band name on the hoof by amalgamating Jones and Gurney into Journey and tagging Acoustic on the front. Later joined by Andy Sammons, who swapped his heavy metal playing drum kit for a Cajon; a box shaped percussion instrument. They have now, with a vision of moving the band forward, added their friend James/Jaime on bass. Having successfully released 2 EP’s; Get Back Up; Get Back On It and Real Good Feel Good, they spoke about their plans for the band in the coming months and next year.

So your officially now a four piece rather than your original tag line of ‘3 Voices, 2 Guitars and a Cajon’ (which I did not pronounce right!)?

(Jonesy) Oh yeah, we’ll need to change that now to add bass!
The plan was after this summer, we were hoping for bigger slots at the festivals next summer, across the UK and wherever else we end up next year. We just want to expand and develop the sound as is; with the 2 acoustics, Cajon, bass and maybe bring in some more. We’ve got feelers out at the minute for a few lead instruments like a fiddle or a banjo and we know a friend of ours who wants to play keys; Lewis Rogers!

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Country Rebel – The UK goes Country with classic-sounding trio ‘Acoustic Journey’ – 8 Dec ’15

Most of the time, people think that country music is strictly an American genre. But as one UK band is proving, that is not the case. Acoustic Journey got their start when friends Andrew Jones and Ben Gurney paired up to form a country duo in 2009. With Jones serving as the lead singer and both guys playing guitar, the two performed a cover of "Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy" by Big & Rich at an open mic night, and left the crowd stunned with their sound.

That performance led to the duo's first paid gig after the pub owner asked them to come back and play some more. After that, Jones and Gurney tried to come up with a band name, with their first idea being "Journey." Of course, since there is already a very well-known band with that name, the two decided to tackle the "Acoustic" part onto their name, and thus "Acoustic Journey" was born...

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Englefield Country Music Radio – Acoustic Journey ‘Get Back Up’ EP – 6 Nov ’15

One of the UKs fastest growing bands Acoustic Journey have now launched their follow up EP to Real Good Feel Good. Building on their reputation as a tight musical unit and reflecting their very own unique sound the Get Back Up EP must surely be another stepping stone to a first full album.
The latest EP is a collection of five songs and further showcases their talent and progress as songwriters and also a band.

Get Back Up the title track is first up starting with a guitar strum and Andrews’s distinctive voice. A pleasant beat and blended vocals gets you tapping along with the beat box in what is becoming, very much a trademark sound.
Get Back Up also contains a little tongue in cheek humour in the lyrics, a great track to start the EP off...

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For The Country Record – Acoustic Journey ‘Real Good Feel Good’ EP – 19 Jun ’15

Acoustic Journey are relative newcomers to the rapidly growing UK roots music scene after originally being formed as a duo in 2009 by school-friends Andrew Jones and Ben Gurney. The search for a harder-hitting sound resulted in the subsequent addition of heavy-metal drummer Andy Sammons to play the Cajun behind the guitars and lead vocals of Andrew and Ben. This saw their sound go from strength to strength, with ‘Real Good Feel Good’ demonstrating a very full sound, complemented beautifully with sparse, home-grown sounding production, allowing the EP to actually represent the roots music that many artists claim to create, but often fail to actually deliver.

The EP begins with the title track ‘Real Good Feel Good’, a lovely acoustic track with backing instrumentation based on acoustic guitars which accompany each other in a lovely way...

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Englefield CMR – Acoustic Journey – Real Good Feel Good EP Review – 4 Jun ’15

Having followed this band on social media for a while now it gives me particular pleasure in doing this review for their EP.

Coming from Northamptonshire and from a variety of musical backgrounds before they launched their country adventure. Andrew Jones is joined by talented song writer and guitarist Ben Gurney previously in a rock band and their drummer Andy Sammons who played drums for a heavy metal band! They form a formidable partnership, the lads gel together perfectly musically and the unique sounding lead vocals that are ably backed up by Ben and Andy make Acoustic Journey`s sound totally, their own.

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Advertiser and Review – Country stars of the future all set to wow the O2 – 27 Feb ’15

A country band who only formed two years ago are set to perform at one of the biggest music venues on the planet. Acoustic Journey started out as a duo and only played their first gig to fill a gap in the running order at The Greyhound Inn, Brackley. But having brought in a third member in 2013, the boys have gone from strength to strength and are set to play for up to 50,000 people at The O2. They join some of the biggest names in the game as part of the Country 2 Country Festival on Saturday, March 7.

Last year, they went to the same gig as fans. But this year, they will share the spotlight with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. Guitarist and lead singer Andrew Jones, 28, who lives in Keble Road with his girlfriend Ruth, said: “It’s the pinnacle in the UK, the biggest outside of the US.

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W21 Music – Single of the Week “Real Good Feel Good” – 25 Jan ’15

"Real Good Feel Good" is the awesome mood changing Single from the fantastic Acoustic Journey.

Every time this song comes on in the office our mood instantly changes and we want to party. They have a very distinct sound and you instantly know who's playing and out comes the air guitar. As soon as we heard this song we knew we wanted it as our Single of the Week.

These Guys are just getting better and better, every release is a must have. The energy they put into their performances reflects in the music and you can't help yourself, you will just want to join in.

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Banbury Guardian – Journey to the top for trio – 6 Jan ’15

It’s a case of new year, new headliners as Banbury Folk Club kicks off its winter/spring season with a bang next Wednesday, January 7. All set to step up to the top of the bill are an exciting young band, Acoustic Journey, who can best be labelled a country/Americana/acoustic rock trio – but with their roots firmly in Brackley.

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52 Weeks of Country – Best Of British Country II – 19 Sep ’14

After the recent success of the UK country music festival Yeehaw and Country 2 Country's announcement that they are now taking pop up stage applications, I thought I would dedicated this post to the wonderful British talent we have out there. I have done a post like this before but since then so many new and great acts have come our way which I felt needed a mention...

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Think Country – Ten minutes with…… Acoustic Journey – 15 Sep ’14

Introduce yourself / Band

Hello there, we are Acoustic Journey, just 3 Voices, 2 Guitars, 1 Cajon and a tambourine, delivering kickin’ country music wherever we roam. Made up of Andrew (Lead Vocals), Ben (Lead Guitar) and Sammons (Cajon). We formed as a duo in 2009 playing some Rock and Country classics in our raw acoustic style at some local pubs and festivals. After stalling a bit the band transformed to a 3 piece in 2012 adding some percussion in the form of a cajon and we began to write and record some original material in the new format.

How did you get into country music?

I (Andrew) worked with the United States Air Force and made some great friends who introduced me to some great country bands, Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich and Chris Cagle to name just a few...

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New Country UK Introduces Acoustic Journey… – 29 Jun ’14

Acoustic Journey describe themselves as a Country/Americana/Acoustic Rock trio, listening to their music that seems to be an accurate description. Based in Northampton in the UK, the band consists of Andrew Jones providing lead vocals, Ben Gurney on guitar and Andy Sammons a drummer, who provides the beat of the group's music on the cajon. A melting pot of sounds has clearly influenced their varied musical styles, but at its' heart it is modern Country music. Not surprising given that the trio cite some of their influences as Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band and Brad Paisley.

Gigging regularly around the UK, Acoustic Journey are building up quite a reputation. In fact the guys are fresh from having played at the Pheonixbury Festival this weekend. Those who follow them on social media would also have seen that recently two of the guys went to see fellow UK Country artists Dexeter and Jeannine Barry performing live in London, after the gig they decided to do a spot of impromptu busking to spread the Country word!

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