Journey Home announce “Nights Like These” pre-order exclusives

We've been working on some new material for some time now and as such we are excited to announce we are launching a bunch of pre-order exclusives for our new EP "Nights Like These".

For fans who’ve followed us for some time now you will know that we previously performed under the guise Acoustic Journey, our last two EPs were recorded fully acoustic and were an accurate reflection of how we performed on stage, that being, 3 voices, 2 guitars and 1 cajon. This new EP under our new name will be our first jump in to the full band sound. We will be working with Nashville producer Tommy Harden (Reba McEntire, Lost Hollow) on this project and we are really excited in the new direction we are going and we hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we will creating it.

A little taster of the possible track names which will be included on the EP are below, one of which will likely be the name of the EP depending on which track gives us ‘that feeling’.

Ain’t Quite a Truck
Nights Like These
Big City Lights
Memory Lane
Just One More

You can choose as many individual exclusives as you like, or if you see a bundle which you fancy you can grab one of those instead. Whatever you decide to choose, you will be supporting an independent artist and help us to keep on creating the music we love to perform.

Check out what we have available