Ernie Ball

Guitarists don't get far without a good set of strings and Jonesy and Ben are avid users of the Ernie Ball Earthwood range of strings. A combination of the 80/20 Bronze on Jonesy's Yamaha and the Phosphor Bronze on Ben's Taylor really add a gorgeous dynamic to the sound. With Jonesy's habit for breaking strings every other gig this will be a match made in heaven.

Journey Home are honoured to be endorsed by such a recognisable name in the music industry.

Yamaha Music

A big part of the Journey Home sound is the equipment they use for each show. Jonesy has been using Yamaha's range of CPX guitars for 4 years and has a CPX1000 as his main weapon of choice with a CPX900 in reserve should he snap a string (a regular occurance for the lead singer). "The electronics in the CPX1000 is absolute quality, with an internal mic as well as a pickup you can really adjust the sound to whatever you fancy and to suit any mood".

Ben has just joined the Yamaha family as well and is now using the brand new range of THR amps available from Yamaha, the THR100HD to be exact. What a piece of kit this is!!! Not only has it been painstakingly created for modelling almost every sort of amp but the whole thing is digital meaning you can literally carry it on the train and plug it directly into a cab or directly into the PA. Expect to see this little beast on stage with the guys very soon.

It is awesome to be working with such a prestigious and well known brand.

G7th Capos

Possibly the best ever capo! Andrew and Ben are avid users of the G7th Capo. "We wouldn't use anything else now, the capos are fast action and for our style of music they work perfectly!"

G7th are dedicated to bringing a range of the highest quality musical accessories to you. The Performance capo was the first, followed by the Nashville and we have more new products in the pipe-line – so watch this space!

Journey Home are honoured to be endorsed by such a prestigious company.

Country Rebel Clothing Co.

Country Rebel Clothing Co. is dedicated to providing the highest quality designs and apparel that inspire the rebel bad ass within each of us. Our mission is simple; Inspire, pioneer and spread the country lifestyle and rebel spirit that make this the greatest nation in the world.

It is really awesome to have such a great brand supporting what we do! These guys make great products that really fit our brand of Country music. Go check them out, you might catch Jonesy rocking a number of their designs as well. Keep your eye out for some Journey Home inspired designs coming soon!


With gigs weeks in week out it's so important to keep those vocal chords loose and soothed at every opportunity. Journey Home definitely have the right remedy for that in their corner. "It's honestly one of the best results I've had from a throat sweet and it definitely makes the Friday to Saturday to Sunday transition a lot easier!"

Journey Home are proud to have Vocalzone in their corner for those long weeks on the road.