Buckle & Boots 2017 – Great festival, great people!

Last weekend we spent our Saturday hanging out with some of the best fans in the world, Country music fans at what is gearing up to be the biggest Country festival in the UK. This was our second foray in to the gorgeous setting of the Whitebottom Farm estate and it was already clear on our entry to the festival that the numbers of attendees had increased by at least three times over last years festivities.

What I love about the rise of Country music in the UK is that not only do we get to perform at some of the best events, we also get to watch some amazing artists doing there thing all for the genre. All of which I will add has it’s differences and intricacies but if you love music then you can see past the “COUNTRY” label and just enjoy the music. A lot of these bands and artists have become great friends over the last 3 years and playing shows with your friends is even more enjoyable.

Buckle & Boots for us was just another great opportunity to perform for a kick ass crowd and get that buzz which we all love when we play. Although our set time got moved around a little to accommodate some dropouts and replacement we still had a packed Paddock Stage and got to showcase some of our new material from the new EP “Nights Like These” which is available to Pre-Order at our Pledge site. What I love about this scene in the UK is how accessible it is for the fans, we’ve always been a play and drink band and love to share a few drinks after our set, we let Mr Gurney fly the flag for us this weekend due to other commitments but still managed to sink a few pints before travelling the 3 hour Journey Home.

We can’t thank the fans enough for their support over the years and we are so excited to debuting our full band lineup at FSA Fest at the end of July. We hope to catch you there!

You can grab our EP from our Pledge site at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/journeyhome-ep

Cheers Jonesy