BIG NEWS, Handsome Devils Photoshoot and EP Cover

A couple of weeks ago we got together with a local photographer (KT’s Photography) to take some promotional shots and a few snaps for the standard edition EP cover which we will be selling after the release date. The limited edition cover you’ve all seen but we’ve been working on the lyric booklet as well for all those who have picked the Limited Edition EP or With Special Thanks exclusives.

The release date for the EP has been finalised as Friday 29th September but all the lucky Pledgers will be receiving a preview of the EP and all your Items and Bundles throughout the month of September ahead of the release. Exciting times!

We have just signed off the final couple of tracks for the EP and we can now confirm the track listing will be as follows.

1. Nights Like These
2. Just One More
3. Big City Lights
4. Ain’t Quite a Truck
5. Memory Lane

If you catch us at any of our full band shows over the summer you will likely get a taste of these tracks!

We really can’t wait to share it with you all and we just can’t thank you enough for your support thus far. Pledges will close on 31st August so if you haven’t done so already please get involved and help us get this EP out to you.

You can still pledge at Nights Like These